What You Truly Know – A Journey To Wisdom

I Seek Wisdom…

But What do I truly know? I used to think I knew everything in life. Over the years I have come to notice more and more how little I really do know. When we are young in our teen years we feel like the world is our oyster and we know more than any adult out there. HAHA what a slap to the face the 20’s are, there are so many times where I have stopped saying, “I Know” and started listening. I now super enjoy anytime I get to listen to someone else’s story especially when they are older than me. I don’t want to have to go through mistakes in life. If I can gain just a little wisdom from someone I will listen with 100% attention.

Do I always escape the mistakes of life? Of course not! What kind of life would you have if everything went perfect. I feel like if life was perfect I would be set apart, even more alone than I feel even now. Mistakes builds character, mistakes teach us and when we learn we gain Wisdom. James 1:5 says, ” If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that gives to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” If you don’t know something ASK.

I especially believe this when it comes to the work place. If you don’t know how to do something… Please, Please, PLEASE ASK. I worked in a sushi bar for 5 years and the thing that drove me crazy the most. How many dishes were ruined because someone just faked it because they had no clue and were too embarrassed to ask. Or they got hurt and injured because they didn’t know how to cut something or deep fry something (so many burns). It’s not as important in that aspect; however, if I use my husbands job as an example. He works in health care, if someone messes up even the smallest step in procedure they can kill not just one person but multiple people at a time.

That is an extreme, not all mistakes are critical to life. But so many choice/mistakes can dramatically change our path in life. The best example of this is my younger sister. She turned 18 but was still in high school. She got a job, and a store that shall remain unnamed. She worked there for about a month, at which time she was terminated and taken to court. The establishment accused her of theft, being young and not knowing better she allowed them to tell her that if she did not sign the paper confessing to the theft they would call the cops and they would take her to jail which would keep her from graduating high school… (SO ANGRY). Because she was young but an adult instead of calling and asking for help from our parents (Our father was on a first name basis will all the employees) She decided she could handle it. Long story short, they took her to court and convicted her. She had to pay restitution for something she did not do. They had no evidence but since they had pressured her into signing the paper the court sided with the company.

The younger we are the less we know, the more chance we have to grow.

This one job ruined her, she had a difficult time getting a job, had to pay many court fines. She is ok now, has the court bills taken care of and a great job where she is thriving. Even more than that, now she has wisdom under her belt. She knows just because someone is in authority over you, does not mean they have your best interest at heart.

Always live in such a way that no man can doubt your intentions.

Doubt is such a kaniving  little sneaking being that creeps into the minds of man and plants a seed of confusion. Wisdom is the weed killer to all doubt. Whether it is the person who is looking or seeking, Wisdom will put to rest every bit of confusion in any situation.




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