What Do You Settle For – Game Night


Some of you may recognize the game above. Settlers of Catan. Super fun if you need a good group game. Myself, My husband, and out two roommates all played this on Friday night and stayed up to 2am. It was our 4 year anniversary, or as my dad called it, elopaversary. HAHA, yes we eloped FYI I did not know we were getting married it was a surprise wedding but great none the least. Since this it has given me time to reflect on the things I pursue in life and what I have settled for. Where have I drawn the line to say, That is not got enough, I deserve better.

What Do You Deserve

It is my personal opinion that you deserve the best. Too many times in life I think other people deserve more than I do. That I will be ok with left overs or second best. I know in my head that I deserve the best, but too many times in my heart I settle for second. My husband believes that I settled for second when I chose him. It’s all about perspective though. I believe I married the perfect person for me. If I had the same thoughts as those around me about how I should think or feel. I wouldn’t be were I am at in life  today..

  • I have settled too many times for sub par food – leading to unhealthy eating habits
  • I have settled doing enough just to get by – leading to unfulfilling work
  • I have settled for anxiety – too many times I let my people pleasing get in the way of doing something I want.
  • I have settled for loneliness – I have very few friends because I hold myself back
  •  I have settled for laziness – allowing myself to put off important things which only cause more anxiety, or allowing others to put off what I have asked of them causing anger and depression.

I know this is not your normal list for ‘settling’ but this is what is going through my mind at the moment. It really hits the nail on the head as I have been trying to write this for three days now and putting it off for tomorrow. This has only caused me to want to quit, but I have found that this really brings some joy into my day So I will stick with it.

We deserve the best things in life. As I thought about this yesterday, I made some fresh noodles and ramen stock from scratch. I almost gave up before I even started because the kitchen was a mess. I would have to do all the dishes and clean before I could cook. I pushed passed the laziness and began to clean. Once it was clean then I didn’t want to get it dirty; however, as I was kneading out the fresh noodles my heart became overjoyed and at peace because this is what I love. Creating something wonderful for others to enjoy. This is what I don’t want to settle for, I don’t ever want to settle for something that will compromise my joy to bring happiness to others.

enjoy life

No longer do I want to settle for loneliness, laziness, anxiety, or sub-par life. I want to be free to be happy, to have friends, to be excited, and to experience life to the fullest. Don’t ever settle for something because someone else says it’s good. Chase after your desires, make you happy, this will benefit everyone.

This is short I apologize I know I could write a lot more in depth about this and I will in the future. But for today I just need to get this out there and move on to the next topic. When we get stuck on something we let it hold us back. I am pushing forward.



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