Celebrate – Have Fun

Happy Halloween Everyone!

This is the one holiday that I can think of when everyone I know, depressed or now. Has a fun day. Most of the friends I have with depression Halloween is their favorite holiday. For me growing up my parents were very stick and extremely afraid. I was the first of four girls. So I never went trick-or-treating, carved a pumpkin, or went to parties. My grandfather’s birthday is the day before so we always celebrated him instead. Since then my parents have lightened up and all my younger sisters enjoyed the rewards of knockign on strangers doors.

It is may favorite thing now to pass out candy and see all the kids costumes. Our front yard is a western theme with a grave out front with a cowboy leg and boot sticking out year round. I take advantage of that during Halloween making sure to light it up well.

So in celebration of this day. Here are my recommendations…

  • Have Fun
  • Drive safe/ watch for kids darting across the road
  • Wear glow sticks (it adds a nice creepy effect and helps you not loos track of the little  peoples)
  • If you are going to drink keep it clear! – That’s my recommendation Tequila, Whiskey, Beer or wine. Nothing with added food color.
  • DO NOT eat all the candy you bought to hand out before the door bell rings
  • Have insulin on standby – Or practice self control.
  • Make sure your phone is charged for a ride home after you walk too far.

Don’t let other peoples judgments keep you from spending time with friends, dress up and enjoying yourself. Take a walk, Laugh a lot, and sleep good on that sugar coma.


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