Joy – The Greatest Weapon

What Is In Your Arsenal

  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Stability
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Routine
  • Medication
  • Music


I had a great night, my day yesterday was not going to well. I was physically in pain from side effects of my diabetic medication. All I wanted to do at the end of the day was go home and relax. However, every Tuesday we have a church meeting and I couldn’t find anyone to cover for me to run sound and media. I ended up going to church and getting some epic ideas. I am supper excited about today. For those of you who read my blog yesterday I shared a story about the music man who is struggling right now with his son’s depression. This man also produces some of his own music tracks because he does not have a full band. So while I had his phone at the sound board last night a message from his wife popped up as a notifications. I won’t go into specific details but it was about the financial burden that their son’s medical visits where placing on them from just a week of doctor visits and medication costs.

I immediately wanted to help in some way. I thought to myself, I wish I could write a check for that amount and just hand it to them and tell them. Thank you for taking care of your son. He is worth it.

Everyone is worth the time, the money, the attention, the love…

I know personally I never talked to my family about my struggles as a teenager because I knew we were poor. There was nothing my parents could have done to help me. They were already working all hours of the day and we went without food many times. I felt helpless and hopeless.

I don’t want families to suffer or experience loss because they were unable to pay rent or a water bill or buy groceries while getting medical help. So…


We have started a non-profit to help families in need who are going through the process of seeking medical attention to address depression and suicide. When you have hope it gives you Joy and Joy can quickly change your whole atmosphere. Joy can pierce through the darkness, Joy can give you a rope to climb out of the hopelessness, Joy can get you on the road to health and wholeness.

Please join me in raising awareness and spreading Joy to those in need. Visit my page and go to the Donations tab. Give anything you can, and if you know a family who needs this help fill out the Contact for on the donations page to nominate them to receive a financial gift. All donation are a tax deductible.

These are some photos of the people who bring Joy to my life daily. 


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