The College Life

As I am sitting here on ASU Campus enjoying my new Pink Drink from Osaka I began thinking. Did I really miss out?

I’ve always been an introvert who secretly wants to be out going. I was also smart and favored in school growing up. So my senior year of high school I was taking classes at the local community college. Everything was out of order. I believe that I missed out on a lot of the fun mistakes of life by “growing up” too fast. I was always serious and even to this day I still have a hard time understanding jokes and sarcasm. It’s days like this were I wonder. What would life have been like if I went to a state university (I had a full ride scholarship) I could have gone. Experienced the campus life.

But I think what I actually did was much better. I traveled! I have been to over 8 countries I have experienced different cultures, different foods, and found love in my life. I think if I had stayed in state and went to university I would have went straight to work and missed my chance to see the World.

So today I will stop think what if and start thinking when will I again let go of the traditional job and just go enjoy the world and all it has to offer.

This is my dream


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