Rest – It’s Important

Woke up the morning and decided I wanted to rest today. Little did I know my day was destined to be crazy.

The funeral started at 9 am and we decided to stay home. Five minutes to nine my dad starts calling non stop till we answer. He is in charge of communion at the funeral being held at the grave site and more people showed up than they expected. So I run to the church driving probably fast than I should. Get there search everywhere for 30 mins for the extra set of trays. Nothing… so I run to the store and by new ones which takes our bank account from some money to no money. I get to the funeral just in Time we will the cups with juice and communion begins. The service was beautiful, he was a great friend and father to many. We were filled with tears, sadness for our loss, and joy for his gain. As I leave and go home my husband calls to ask why his card got declined so I explained the situation and he went off. He has been working 80+ hours a week and feels he has nothing to show for it. (We have paid off thousands towards our debts) He was feeling hopeless. So after years of frustration we sat down and talked about our budget. Little by Little we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I thought my day was going to be relaxing. Instead it was full of tears and stress.

So it’s time to restart the day. I started with a nap and got up again and now I am ready for my day of rest. Smoking a brisket in the backyard (cooking helps me relax) cleaned out the extra car to put up for sale. And getting ready to do dinner with the parents. We are considering moving states. This has always been our intention but after tonight we may fast tract our timeline. In good news, even when we can be stressed in life we have to remember the good. For us, we are paying off my car in two weeks! On our journey to being debt free (Thank you Dave Ramsey)

When life stresses you out, remember just take a day for yourself and rest.

Starting Monday I will be back to writing my full blog daily. Thank you for your grace in my crazy weekend to read about the little things.


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