Inspiration – Things to Inspire

I have been thinking a lot recently about writing styles. I want my blog to be more than just an online diary.

Should I write more content about what I believe like a paper? Do I stick with my current style?  I am learning and growing as I go. I think in the next few weeks I may try different things.

My main inspiration comes from photo’s I take…

What Brings You Inspiration? 

Comment bellow. I appreciate all the input


Chess photo that inspires



11 thoughts on “Inspiration – Things to Inspire

  1. I am inspired by witnessing others pursuing their dreams and passions. It really inspires to always keep going when I see others like me fighting tooth and nail to be heard, to turn their dreams I to reality. Empowerment is such a powerful and beautiful thing and it inspires me so much.

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  2. Hey! I loved your post, and your blog’s concept.
    I’m currently hosting a series, at my blog, What We Find “Inspiring”
    Here’s your invite to either make a guest post or maybe a collab, if that’s possible?
    I’m sure that’ll help both of us here, and also the community!
    Cheers! 🙂

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