Changing Careers – I Can Dream

Sitting at my husbands new computer listening to Frank Sinatra Pandora on the Thanksgiving Day Station. Today is great! It’s the first day I am not running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off in months. I am enjoying getting the house and yard clean for the holidays, becoming more and more excited to put up Christmas lights next week. My husband is telling everyone he is preparing to loose me for three days because it’s Thanksgiving! HAHA, it’s true this is my favorite time of the year. Since I was able to stand on a box in the kitchen to see the counter I have been making Thanksgiving with my grandma. Ever year I would take the week off from school, as I have gotten older I still take the week of from work. My work calendar request this year says “Over the River and Thru the Woods”. For those of you who read my earlier blog Seasons you are aware that darkness and sorrow tried to ruin Thanksgiving two years ago. But that does not hold me back. I am just as excited if not more so than ever!!!! We start cleaning Monday and Tuesday, wood polish and the works, inside and out. Then the baking starts Wednesday as we make 8 pumpkin pies, 4 apple pies, 2 cherry pies, and a few others from time to time. We make the bread for stuffing after cooling we cut it up and the last thing of the night we put it in a large pan with butter, onion, celery and sage…. mmmmm I can smell it now just talking about it!

This is way off topic from what I planned for today. (PS did I mention it’s all gluten free, dairy free, and low sugar…)

Ok, ok, haha Back to today! I’ll save this post for Next week when I have photo to join in. Be prepared to be jealous. I’m in AZ for those who need a family to be with for the holiday’s 😉


A Career is something people tell us our whole lives we need to achieve. In grade school we learn the foundational information for what our life will be built on. In high school we start learning what we like, our interests. By college we are supposed to have a clear goal in mind what ONE thing we want to do for the rest of our lives.

HAHA, I thought I had all that figured out growing up. My family has run a business for generations and I being the first born am in line to take it over. (Side note we are selling the company currently) Growing up I have always been very independent and blessed at anything I decide to do. I had the city paying me to work at school while I was still in high school. I had a full ride scholarship to complete a business degree. My last year of high school I was going to the local college for classes and teaching for classes I took the year before at my high school when teachers were absent. I was ‘on track’ to be amazing at my Career. I was engaged to be married (My family didn’t like that) and I had my whole life planned out. My families business was even going to pay for me to go to a private college that was fast tracked. The summer after I graduated from  high school I was living with one of my high school teachers because she was a saint! and had two homes so I took care of one home while she would visit the other with her husband and family. Towards the end of summer I was getting ready to enroll in my classes to fast track my degree and my dad called me. He said Kathryn, there is a ministry school that started in Raleigh, North Carolina started by Duncan and Kate Smith from then Toronto Airport Christian Church TACF now named Catch the Fire. My family went to Toronto many times as this church has been in revival for 20+ years. My dad received miraculous healing while we were there. He should have died when I was in high school but praise God he is alive and amazing today.

While I was on the phone with my dad my heart got excited. He said you should apply. Without even thinking I was already on the computer submitting my application. I applied on Friday, Got excepted Tuesday, packed Wednesday, and started driving across country Thursday. We arrived Sunday and school started Monday. It’s was a crazy world wind that still to this day I know it had to have been God. I didn’t know anybody in North Carolina, I didn’t even know what this school was about. I just knew I had to be there. By the time I got there my tuition for the two years was 100% paid for. My dad drove there with me and flew back once I found a place to live. (another miracle)

This was the best choice I could have ever made in life at the time. I ended up breaking off my engagement a year latter. It was long distant with miscommunication and such but God had a different plan for me. If I had stopped to think about things I would have held myself back from this. I would have thought I am engaged with a wedding date set, I have a full ride scholarship to get the degree I want. I have a family business to take over. Life is safe and well planned out. But all reason went out the window and I moved 3000 miles across country with no clue what life would bring next.

That change in my “career plans” taught me a lot about love, what I like, what I want and that I can do anything! Since then I have become a Pastor, a worship leader, a sushi chef, a bartender, a teacher (preschool), a business owner, a bookkeeper, a website builders, an accountant, a sound and light technician for theaters, and a commercial construction project manager. I have done more than that as well, but the point is. I am not restricted to any one thing in my life.

I have been thinking about this a lot recently, because even though I am incredibly good at my current job. I have started to hate this job. The people are great the pay is good, but I am unhappy. I started to tell myself, I have to do this job, I have to be here. But this morning as I thought about life, I remembered… I can do anything. So I am considering another career change in my future 😀

I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who is following my journey. To everyone who has supported me to this day and has liked what I write. You are the encouragement that is giving me confidence to pursue this new passion of writing.

Thank you






5 thoughts on “Changing Careers – I Can Dream

  1. My thoughts these days EXACTLY! Why should we restrict outselves to pursuing one thing only, when life is so full of opportunities…I used to think that I wanted to become a top food & beverage professional, but my priorities have changed tremendously. Now all I want (for now) is a calm job and to be around my family as much as possible. I worked in restaurants throughout college AND pursued a degree in the field….that is enough. Now I can move onto other things!!! I really enjoyed your article! Good luck on your next career move!

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