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I have not shared much about this yet. I love all things natural. I am in now way against doctor prescribed medication. I take medication everyday to stay alive because of diabetes. However, when I have the option to take something natural to help myself. I always opt for that option.

One thing I  have found that really helps me is DoTerra Essential oils. I know not everyone believes in them. My husband is a non believer as well haha, but he still enjoys it when our house has a peaceful calming atmosphere as I diffuse oils in the house.

This week DoTerra has bogo deals. So for anyone curious about trying them this is the perfect week to do so. Or even to give to someone you know as a Christmas gift.

If you have questions or need help placing an order just send me a message.


You can place an order yourself at my website

More instruction on how to place an order below…

There will be a different deal each day, there are different deals for different countries.


Doterra BOGO Europe Event Holiday Joy and Arborvitae

Doterra BOGO Europe Event Holiday Joy and Arborvitae

US & Canada

Doterra BOGO US & Canada Event On Guard & Breath

Doterra BOGO US & Canada Event On Guard & Breath

It’s BOGO Week. Do you need some great Christmas gifts. This is the week 😀 Today Only Buy a 15ml of On Guard, and get a 15ML of Breath for free!! These are two oils I use daily. Every night we diffuse these two with lavender to help promote a healthy immune system, open our respiratory functions, and ensure a relaxing nights rest. It’s perfect for this cold time of the year. Today only call or message me if you would like to take advantage of this deal. Limit 5 per account.


It’s bogo week with Doterra! That means each day they will offer an amazing buy one get one free deal! I want everyone to have a chance to get in on this! You will want to ensure you have your login info handy so you can pop online tomorrow morning to place your order.

If you don’t already have a membership go to and click Join & Save.

Enter your info, select the membership packet ($35 USD) and then save your ID number. Voila! You’re ready to bogo!

You do not have to join to purchase the BOGO deals! But by joining you will automatically save 25%

Bogo Membership DoTerra

Bogo Membership DoTerra



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