It’s A Hard Life – Enjoy Yourself

Get Excited

This is it! The week I wait for all year, it’s Thanksgiving week!!!!!

If you have read my post over the last few days, you may be able to tell I am really looking forward to this week. It will also kick off the portion of my blog Food Journey’s.

My title today makes me chuckle, because I do believe life can be hard at times, but this season is where I fully enjoy myself. I woke up this morning feeling great! Everyone in my house has the week off of work. Except me, I am in the office today. That being said I may not post over the next few days as the baking begins. This may be my grandfather’s last thanksgiving with us. He is currently fighting cancer and it has been a difficult journey for him. We are all thankful he is in our lives and are spending as much time as possible with him. All the more reason why I will make good memories this year.

I want to encourage everyone, I know that holidays can be some of the darkest times for those struggling with depress. Make sure you include yourself in the crowd. Let your friends and family know that you love them and are thinking about them.

And then….

Enjoy Yourself

  • Dress up
  • Go for a walk
  • Eat food you have looked forward to all year
  • Make plans with friends
  • Go see a movie
  • If you can handle crowds go do some people watching for black Friday
  • Take a night and star gaze
  • Give back to someone ( I would love to make a thanksgiving meal and invite all the homeless people over to enjoy it, there are a lot of homeless people in my area. I may not be able to do that this year but I am going to at least try and take some of them a good hot home cooked meal)
  • Go to a coffee shop and sit down with a real cup and enjoy those moments of caffeine goodness
  • Write a letter to someone dear to you and mail it
  • Decorate your home

This is the time of year were I take all that darkness, all the sadness, all the depression, all the anger and tell it to Fuck Off. There will be more dark days ahead, but this is the one week a year I will not let anything steal my joy.


Rustic photo of Kathryn Vaughn

Feeling good this morning I dressed up for the 70 degree Arizona weather and made my husband take my photo. Taking my own advice and Enjoying Myself 😀


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