The Truth About Holiday’s – It’s A Roller Coaster

Sitting here on the couch, the hallmark channel is playing, and I am exhausted! I almost wrote this post last night. It turned midnight and depression reared its ugly head. I was up till one debating on whether or not I wanted to share the truth. I looked for a photo in my stock of the street I grew up on in my child hood at night. I never found one and I got fustrated so I gave up and went to sleep. “Nothing Good happens after 2am” I have heard this many times; however, for me… Nothing good happens after 10pm.

This is night two… I started writing this post yesterday to no avail. I was playing tug-of-war in my mind about what to write. I have finally sorted my thoughts on the matter and decided to keep it a little happier till after Thanksgiving. We will then dive into the nitty gritty of this Holiday Coaster. With my future blog-A Blast From The Past where I will expand upon all the memories the holiday season has brought to mind in both encouraging and struggling moments.

Dear Blog, ” My husband is a jerkface” Is what I was just told to write for example. Because even though I just got home from grandmas after 15 hours of cleaning and baking he wants me to go to quicktrip. The disneyland of gas stations.

And we are back! 🙂

So to finally get on topic – The Holiday Roller Coaster

From a physical stand point. We will cover then Mental portion Friday.

  • Get the house clean
  • Entertain the family over to “help” clean the house
  • Run to the hospital – when holiday is complete without an emergancy
  • Talk about family members who may not make it to Christmas
  • Cook for 15 hours (this year didn’t take as long)
  • Keep an eye on grandma who won’t slow down even with a cracked rib
  • Talk about family struggles (My parents or Grandma may move in with us in the future – I am ok with this as I will do anything for family)
  • Get frustrated with family who is not there because you want to spend time with them and sick of them when they finally come around.
  • Enjoy the holiday music and smells (stuffing is what makes the house smell like thanksgiving to me)
  • Start to think of what you are really thankful for: Family, Friends, Food…

All families have a different kind of holiday. You may not even have family around to spend the holiday’s with. If you know someone like this invite them to be with you. We invited our roommate and his brother and brother’s wife to come to my grandmas. No one should be alone for thanksgiving.

My husband is always an extra recluse during Holiday’s. For him growing up family life was difficult. Between his mother cooking acid for him to sell and his brother being called his cousin all his life the only stable family he had was his Grandmother. She passed away when he was 18. When it comes to the holidays he wants to stay and home, play w\WoW, and avoid the world.

For myself, Holiday’s are my favorite time of the year. Especially Thanksgiving, the whole family finally gets together this one time of the year and eats amazing food. I get to spend quality time with my grandparents who I don’t see often even though we live 5 minutes away. I am going to change that this year and make the most of the time I have left to make precious memories.

My marriage struggles the most during this season because I hold such an importance to everyone being together, and my husband just wants to hide at home and not talk to anyone. We usually fight, I become manipulative and very passive aggressive. He becomes stubborn and angry. But in the end we love each other and make it through this time stronger and more understanding than the year before.

What does your holiday rollercoaster look like?

No matter what this season, spend time with the people you love. Make sure to tell them how you feel. And Enjoy yourself, eat what you want, do what you want, and don’t give a crap about how someone may judge you.

Have fun this Thanksgiving.

I will post tomorrow with photos of food, puzzles, firetrucks, and maybe some pool time. It’s supposed to be close to 90F degree tomorrow in Arizona, USA.


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