Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving. I know not everyone who reads this is American. To my Canadian friends happy belated Canadian thanksgiving. To all those in Luther countries remember to be thankful. This should t just be one day a year. This should be one part of your daily routine. Focus on what you are thankful for and fully appreciate it. Tell your family you love them and enjoy quality time with quality people eating quality food 😍

The best photobomb selfie of the night. My husband and I with my mom and one of my sisters. No I did not realize they did this until after I took the photo and looked at it. Haha it was perfect.

Over all an amazing thanksgiving. We wanted to make it special as we are not sure if my grandfather will make it to Christmas. We still did the usual cook turkeys, eat food, do a puzzle, play cards, and take a walk. But this year everyone made sure to sit down and spend time talking with grandpa… we know that he is precious to our lives. We want him to know how much he is loved as well.

Best thanksgiving ever, they get better each and every year that passes bye. I ate too much and I am finishing off the night with a beer. (Have not had one in a year)

Some more fun holiday photos to enjoy

Happy Holidays – Don’t forget to hang the Christmas lights tomorrow after Black Friday shopping… I did some Black Friday deals tonight (not as bad as I expected)


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