5 Helpful Hints To The Holidays

As we go through the holidays, times came be more stressful and unbenificial to our Mental Health. These 5 things are what I personally do to help myself stay “centered” (funny family joke – see below)

I hope this 5 things will be helpful to you…

1. Routine

  • Have a daily routine. Set a time to wake up so you don’t over sleep, as well as, set a specific time to sleep to make sure you get enough sleep. Being able to wake up naturally is one of the best things. Once you are on a routine you will not need the use of that annoying alarm clock anymore. If you live in Arizona it is easy to wake up when the sun comes in the window; however if you live somewhere that doesn’t have sunshine everyday try using this sunrise alarm clock http://amzn.to/2k9DPuX
  • Make an eating routine – For me that looks like a small meal every two hours with one larger meal during the day. Not only does this keep blood sugar level in check but it helps promotes an emotional stability by not letting your “Hangry emotions” take over your thought processes. Low carbs/sugars, high veg & protein. If this is not something easy to put together I learned the right portion sizes and eating habits through some great friends Mike & Sumer Furlong Mornez and their group Steps To Health(PS I don’t make money from you knowing them 😉 but they have changed my life. If you need a health coach send them a message they are fantastic!)

    Mike & Summer Cauliflower Pizza

    Mike & Summer Cauliflower Pizza

  • Have certain days set aside for you, for chores, and for friends… You don’t have to do everything everyday… For example: Monday’s – Focus on social media growth after work. Tuesday’s – Work side job as a sound technician. Wed – Take a night off for yourself. Thursday’s – Date night! Friday’s – Focus on creating new music with friends, get together for a jam session. Saturday’s – Clean the house and spend time with family. Sunday’s – invite people over to play games. If you tried to do all of those things on the same day it would be overwhelming but focusing on one thing each day bring a since of accomplishment and boosts your Mental Health on a daily basis.

2. Physical Health

    • Be active – Do you sit at your desk all day long for work? Every time you take a restroom break do 10 squats over your chair.
    • If you are a little more adventurous do some lunges down the hallway. Or purchase an under desk bike or Desk Cycle – My personal favorite
    • If you are comfortable being around strangers – go to the gym. You don’t have to be a muscle building meat head just go for thirty minutes and use a machine you don’t have the opportunity to use at home. It can be encouraging and stimulating to get fit with 100 other people all charging towards the same goal.

3.Be Outdoors

Do you live somewhere you can be outdoors? Then take advantage of it!

  • Take a walk while you are at work, do 1 lap around the building. It’s a great time to brainstorm you problems, come up with solutions, or just get a nice healthy break from that office stress.
  • Take the time to enjoy the beauty of your local landscape and hike a mountain. If you refuse to hike like my husband does then go to your local botanical garden, or zoo. Go window shopping in your local small town down town. My favorite near me is Prescott, AZ.
  • Something I wish I could do more, take a walk on the beach, listen to the waves, feel the ocean breeze on your face.
  • Take a mini road trip and find somewhere neat to hike like the Lava Tubes in Flagstaff, AZ or Glastonbury Tor, UK


4. Relax

There is nothing like the feeling you get from a fresh hair cut and a good pedicure (yes guys too)

  • Take time for yourself. Make sure you have at least 10 minutes a day to focus on you, focus on your breathing, focus on your goals, take the time to journal you dreams and desires.
  • Meditate – Take time to clear your mind, focus on one thing. I enjoy diffusing essential oils when I am meditating. There is something about specific scents that help elevate your mind into a state of peace and relaxation. My favorite mix is Frankincense, lavender, and wild orange. It you enjoy this make sure you are using non-toxic oils like DoTerra Check our my website if you want to know more about them. Kathryn Vaughn’s DoTerra JourneyJasmine Touch Benefits Doterra

5. Community

  • Enjoy a cup of tea with your close friends
  • Go on a group date night to the movies or bowling. If your significant other is into video games and guns try something new like Modern Round (This was a huge successes for us)
  • Combine this with getting out doors and go on a group hike, to the shooting range, fishing, camping, anything you want really.


This may not be your typically 5 hints, but these 5 things have helped me time and time again.
Have a fantastic day and super happy holidays as we approach this Christmas Season.


3 thoughts on “5 Helpful Hints To The Holidays

  1. Great tips! When I was in the classroom last year, I earned a grant for bike pedals for under students’ desks. It was a fun new project to try out. And I also LOVE being at the beach. But I can’t always be there. Actually we really don’t ever visit the beach unless it’s summer time. Hope you have a stress free holiday season!

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