A Crazy Long Week

I will only be doing a quick update today. I have just gotten home from work and have begun writing from the app on my phone. It has been a long day my laptop is out of battery and I am trying to wind down as my pug is demanding that it is bed time.

This week began stressful as my boss came into work very troubled. I can’t explain all the details at the moment but I will in a future post. His wife is an elementary teach and they both received threatening letters. The authorities are investigating but the process to a long one. Our days have been filled with interviews and an amazing city police force. This situation has brought many questions to my mind. Again I will share them latter.

I have also been trying to sell a car, I never realized how frustrating this process could be.

I got talked into working for a CPA after hours (the reason why I am just getting home today/ just 30mins away from tomorrow)

I have always been good at office work but I am so ready to change up life and get out doors.

As I am reflected on the upcoming work schedule I have realized I will be isolated and alone for the next 3-6 month of projects. I am really not looking forward to this. At the same time I feel honored that I am trusted to run the office on my own. I have a desire for this season in my life to change right now but I will be patient and wait for the right timing.

Future things to look forward to in this blog. I am going to start doing some video entries of interviews with people on the topics of depression. Starting with depression from a high schoolers point of view. If you have any interest in some video topics please share in the comments below and I will try to address them all.

Thank you wonderful blogging community for all your amazing support! We have passed the 200 follower mark in just a months time. Everyone has been so kind and supportive. I am continually encouraged by everyone’s shared thoughts, experiences, and friendships.

Good night all, look forward to the regular postings to resume tomorrow.


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