Trumpet Blowing Moments – Speak The Truth

We need to be a broken vessel to let our lights shine, we have to blow our trumpet and share the truth. What is your trumpet blowing moment?

This video was made from my friends at the River House in North Carolina. They share some personal revelation on what they have been mediating on in the Bible from the Book of Revelations. It encouraged me a lot so I wanted to share. See my thoughts below the video.

So what is your trumpet moment? What is that truth that was so reverberating it changed your life from that moment on.

I believer there is not just one of these moments but many in life. For me it was the moment I realized I didn’t have to be a servant/slave to people always saying yes when asked to do something. That people would still love me even when I said no. For me it was the moment I realized my family would never abandon me. For me it was the moment I said, “I do” and began a life with someone I love and loves me for all the days in sickness and health. For me it is every moment I get the chance to share my hear with everyone here.

I feel like this blog is that moment where I have realized I am a broken vessel and I want to share the truth about every life changing event in the hopes that it will inspire you to be truthful with yourself and others not holding your self back in fear or regret. Your experience can bring freedom to someone held by that same bondage desperate to just tell someone what they are thinking without being told their are crazy or to keep it to themselves.

We all need a little truth, a little light, and a little love. 

Share your trumpet moment in your own blog and share in the comments. I would love to hear your life changing sound.


5 thoughts on “Trumpet Blowing Moments – Speak The Truth

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