My Christmas Wishlist – Happy Blogmas

As I was sitting at my desk today pondering what to write I made the decision to go with the Holiday flow and do my Blogmas Post.

What is Christmas all about?

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Electronics
  • Gifts

To me Christmas is that special time of year where I reflect on my dreams and desires. I believe in Jesus and my family celebrates his birth every year at Christmas. We even sing happy birthday around the tree. It makes me think what really is a worthy gift?

To me a gift isn’t some material thing one person gives another. It is a moment in time, it’s an experience, it’s a relationship, it’s that one thing that takes your life to the next level.

Don’t get me wrong I love receiving presents just as much as the next person. This year I would love some new socks, an apple watch, and a Vimeo Camera. But those are just presents, I care about them in the present moment and then I move unto the next thing that holds my attention.

What I really want and want to give this year is not a present but a gift. I want to give and receive a gift of forgiveness, a lifetime of unconditional love, a friendship filled with trust, a life of freedom…

My most memorable gift is my husband. He gives me all the forgiveness, all the love, all the trust, and all the freedom plus so much more. He knows how I am feeling before I can figure it out myself most time. (I think he must be a Jedi, haha) When I am in that place of loneliness and darkness he comes and takes me by the hand to tell me how much I am loved. When I am sick and feeling unwell he brings me food and water. When I see someone in need and I desperately want to help them, He encourages me to follow my heart. When I am successful in my desires he acknowledges me, and when I fail he gives me wisdom and tells me to try again.

It is because of the gifts I have been given from so many that I can be who I am today. That I can know life is the best journey to live, that I am loved, beautiful, I can be courageous and bold, I can do anything I set my mind to and…

I can give back to everyone in my life who needs that moment, that unconditional love, that friendship that experience that leads to freedom.

This year I want to see people set free from the things in life they have been captured by and help back from.

This year I want to give

The Gift of Joy


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