PRESSURE – How Do You Break

Phone Rings* Hello this is Kathryn

Interested Person* Hi, I’m interested in your Audi for sale… will you take $500 I know it’s lower than your asking but please consider it… 

All week long this has been my life. Phone calls, text, and Facebook messages about out Audi we listed for $2,500.

I had never sold a car before but I have purchased at least 5. So I know the routine, you call you ask about the car you set up a time to come see it then you negotiate down in price. (PS I have never sold a car before because I always gave away my cars to someone in need) This time was different though people were not even asking questions just negotiating before even seeing the car and then saying they wanted to come buy it. They would show up to look at the car which was stressful due to our work schedules. Look at it test drive it, say they like it but just didn’t want it unless I sold it for $400… That’s over $2000 less than I was asking and the car is work $3200. I was going crazy! 

My mind began to race* Screw these people, I have had two people say they are buying after test driving and then no call no show to our agreed time! Why is everyone running the other way. This is a great car, I don’t need to settle for less than it’s worth. I would rather give the car away like usual. It would be really nice to have that extra cash for Christmas. I’m failing, I’m a failure, I can’t even sell a car. I’m a horrible communicator.

Without any of these thoughts coming out of my mouth as words it’s as if my husband could read my mind (like I said in My Christmas Wishlist – Happy Blogmas My husband is a Jedi) He looked over at me and said. Do you feel like you are failing?

Then I broke! I came back to reality… all those things I was thinking were ridiculous. He called me out of the spiral of despair. He held me on the couch for a little to fill up my love tank (All women have them and they are filled by cuddles – I promise)

At the time I was waiting for someone who was supposed to come look at the car and it was almost an hour past. So my husband told me what to text over. I was over thinking things and he had all the perfect words to make it sound no pressure but lets do this tonight attitude. So I handed him my phone to get the conversation headed in the right direction. Two hours latter and the car was sold!


The Breaking Point

This whole situation has really made me think about my breaking points in life. Before I had someone who understood my thoughts better than myself. My breaking point would have been 2 hours before I sold the car. When yet again another person was going to no call no show to a previous agreed time. I would have snapped and said forget it I’ll just keep the car, these people are all assholes.

Those overwhelming thoughts of “I was a failure” would consume me. My breaking point was holding back the potential to sale the car.

How many times have I given up just before seeing victory? What relationships could I have had to day with people if I would have just calmed down and said something a little differently?

What is my breaking point? The first moment of frustration, A few days after bottling up my anger, years after ignoring my feelings. Today I think my breaking point was my freedom point. That moment someone else pointed out I was on the edge so I was able to stop and see the cliff I was about to walk off of, turn around and get back on the path.

Don’t let your breaking point be the end

Let it propel you into creating something new


11 thoughts on “PRESSURE – How Do You Break

  1. I totally understand the frustration of selling a car. I think for the people not to show, shows a lot about their character as a person and that not everyone is as caring or sensitive to other people’s feelings or time. I get it when people are in an emergency but otherwise it’s nice to get a quick text/call giving an update. I hope you sell your car!

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    • So true, that’s why I didn’t want to play games but my husband pointed out that I just needed to communicate a little more. I am just supper happy we finally sold it to a good home. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.


  2. The key is assertiveness. The more comfortable you are with being assertive, the less anxiety you feel and the more confident you become. But it takes a LOT of practise, it isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. Obviously I’m not just referring to car sales, here. It took me years to get to a place where I can say what I’m thinking and say “no, that doesn’t work for me” without feeling like I’m going to upset everyone else.

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  3. I feel so bad for you about all the trouble you had while trying to sell your car, glad you sold it and got rid of that headache! I used to help my dad sell his auction items on Craigslist ( not cars though) but I can see your frustrations.. it’s so common for people to waste your time! And it is nerve racking if they say will show up and don’t, or try to low ball you 😦 my breaking point threshold has gotten better… but I usually tell myself if you can get through this bit, you can be lazy later .. and sometimes I just need a moment of being utterly lazy to feel my self again. I hope you won’t have to sell another car for a long time !

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