Emotions Take Over – Tiredness Sets In

When the emotions of the week put you on a roller coaster,

Your physical health takes on damage. 

This morning I have converted my desk from a sitting desk to a standing desk for a few reasons, but mostly because my physical health is screaming at me right now. I have sat too much, I have not exercised, and I can’t remember the last vegetable I ate this week. My back is ready to give up on me and my stomach is angry at me. I wish I could just crawl back into bed and skip work for today.

I am at work though, as I do have some paperwork to do, but mostly just because I know the office is my own quite world today. There are many days where I end up alone in the office but today is special as I know for sure it just me all day. So even though I know I don’t want to be here today is my day to get everything done. I have cleaned my office, organized the desk. I will finish my end of the year paper work, get all the accounts reconciled and be able to focus on my blog for the rest of the day. So today I am happy I am at work.

This week has made me think a lot about my physical health. I realize I haven’t been going to the gym recently, I am overly tired to the point I become overly emotional, and my body is in pain.

So my health tips for the day (This is for me more than for everyone else)

  • Eat vegetables
    • This helps with many things: A well balanced diet, lowers blood sugar, and provides important vitamins
  • Work out
    • Take a walk throughout the day at each break. Make a lap around the building.
    • This get you fresh air, sunlight (vitamin D), lowers blood sugar, promotes healthy blood circulations
  • Visit a chiropractor
    • This is the one I want the most right now. (This is my personal opinion not medical advise)   
    • My back has always had issues with being strong, I sit a lot for my job and even more when I get home. Today I am working on being mindful of my posture to help with my back pain. Weekly visits to my chrio greatly improves my posture and reduces the pain. I don’t get paid for this one so here is a freebie I go to The Joint
  • Accomplish a Goal
    • Set small goals that you can complete daily. This really boost moral 🙂


This is my short list today. Thank you lovely bloggers for your support this week has been incredible because of you all.

Don’t let your physical tiredness effect your emotional wellness, be nice, be loving, and share kindness. Till tomorrow



9 thoughts on “Emotions Take Over – Tiredness Sets In

  1. Hey great work on the health tweaks! One app I would suggest you download is MyMapWalk, by UnderArmor. It’s great at tracking your calories, and synchs with MyfitnessPal, so when you walk it logs your workout and keeps you inspired!

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  3. Hey Kathryn – I wonder, about your back, where exactly is the pain located? I have a lot of backpain too, from sitting down at computer and editting for work – but since I bought one of those Pilates Balls, it helps a lot.

    But it depends where your pain is located, of course. Just thought I’d share my experience here – maybe your chiropractor has another recommendation 🙂 (It’s not always easy to adjust ones work-table to a Pilates Ball either, so I had to buy one that can adjust in height too)

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