Humbled Love – A Daughter’s Perspective

It was Christmas morning, our family gathered in the front room as we always do after enjoying a bacon, egg, and potato breakfast. We all sat down by the tree and listened as my husband read the Christmas story (Usually my father reads it out of the bible; however, his glasses were broken so my husband continued on the tradition in his place.) After we read the story of Jesus birth my dad prophecy’s over each of us kids for the new year. This year it was a word of wisdom from a Father to his children.

Dad* This year I have a word of wisdom to share with all of you in place of a prophetic word.

“Don’t chase after wealth, chase after life.”

(Tears begin to run down his cheeks as he continued) Your mom and I have decided to sell the house, we would have lost it a month ago if your grandma had not helped us financially. I made over a Million last year and have nothing to show for it. I got money and I liked the way it felt so I began to chase after wealth. What will make me rich? The bible in many areas advises against this. It doesn’t mean you can’t be wealthy, but it is not money you should seek to gain, that comes with being blessed. I began to become arrogant while I had lots of cash. Thinking about other people who were struggling financially ‘where is your blessing’? In judging them I lost sight of what is most important. I don’t regret not having money, I regret not spending time with my children while I was chasing after riches. I have realized spending a lot of time with my dad right now before he passes away that he is very bitter thinking that everyone stole from him. I don’t want to be like that. So don’t make my mistakes, enjoy life, seek out what makes you happy, don’t work your bodies to death.

Myself, my husband, and my sisters all then told him how much we loved him and how excited we were for my parents new journey what ever that ends up looking like. To sell everything you own and start fresh is a scary journey. But I think it is going to be wild, great, and filled with love.

So what is my perspective on this situation? 

My father had to humble himself to such a degree that he is turning his life upside down. Having a dad  who can be honest with his children is one of the greatest treasures I have in my life. I don’t want to make painful mistakes in my life. If I can learn by watching my dad, I want to take advantage of everything he is teaching me.

He has taught me how to be humble, he has taught me how to love and be loved. My parents have always shown their affection for each other in front of us kids because my dad wanted us girls (all 4 of us) to know how a man should treat a women. My dad has taught me, how to live in need and how to live in great blessing. My dad has taught me to be strong, outgoing, and independent; but never be afraid to ask for help.  He has taught me how to be wise in my decision making with friends, family, and business associates.

So this week I am reflected before the new year on my life. In what areas am I being arrogant? Where am I headed, am I having fun with my life? What areas do I need to humble myself in?

My Dad is my inspiration.

I want to be just like him.

I want to chase after life.


Who is your inspiration? What have they taught you? What will your new years look like? Comment below.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas 1

Christmas 2



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