Words For the New Year – Poem

I am getting ready to write a book of poems for the year with a poet I know. I wanted to share one of the poems for this new year that is heavily on my heart. I will be back to regularly scheduled posting tomorrow.

I declare a blessing over everyone who reads through my blog. That 2018 will be a year of great Joy.



All hail the power of Jesus Name

Is the song generations sing


Now we live in power & Might

Thru Jesus love & glorious light

By peace we crush the enemy

And praise the Lord in every victory

In mercy we raise a dying world

Holy Spirit melts the snow & cold


Be light in the darkest hour

In Jesus name all hail the power

Romans 16:20

By William Williams


To everyone who has had a difficult 2017; take up hope, A new Year is on it’s way.

(This is more for myself but I hope it encourages you as well.)


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