Clear Skies – Illusionary Minds


This morning watching the news I feel like every part of the country is filled with snow expect us here in AZ it’s 77F outside and I have on jeans, boots, and a tank top. I do enjoy the weather here this time of year; however, I am really feeling left out of the snowy wonderland. I haven’t seen snow in three years and I was really looking forward to a drive up north but the whole state is dry. We have not had rain or snow recently. I woke up this morning and put on the instrumental and rain background music from Pandora.

The sky here is so clear and so blue I feel like it is the perfect screen for my mind to wander. As I stare out the window from my desk I start to imagine what I could be doing instead of sitting at work.

I see my self hiking up a local mountain here with friends, out of breath the whole way and just about to give up when we reach the top and the expansive view of the valley takes my breath completely away. Enjoy a packed lunch and then hiking back down.

I see myself going to the lake, having fun speed boating with inter-tubes as my uncle tries to shake us off so we fall in the water.

I see myself fishing on the River with my dad and sisters, laughing at how we can’t catch anything.

As these illusions passed through my mind with the back drop of the Arizona sky. I come back to the reality that I am yet again sitting at my desk with nothing to do at work. I am happy and depressed at the same time. Wanting to do so much more and not wanting to do anything at all.

What are these clear blue skies, but illusions of the mind.



Sometimes I find myself in fear of my imagination. As I wrote the other day talking about how I was up all night imagining all the things that could go wrong. I find myself having those kind of thoughts often. Imagination, what is it?

It is good in my opinion, yes everything I think of may not be the best; however, that creativity to make up something new… That is a gift.

How many things started out as just a thought, just a picture, just an idea?

I am grateful for many of those things. A/C in my car, Electricity, Medical procedures. I am sure each person who brought something into creation at one point has to fight with themselves to go past the point of imagination and get up the courage to turn it into a reality.

So what ideas have you imagined this year that you want to take from just an image and create it into life.

My husband and I are working through this a lot this month as we get ready to launch our YouTube channel. I spent some money on things to prepare and he started getting really stressed about what if my idea isn’t worth it, what if I am not funny enough, what if no one watches…

To which I responded ——- Believe in Yourself!

So my advice today…

Believe in Yourself, turn the imagination of your mind into a reality taking all your Allusions and turning them into Clear Skies.



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