The Power Of Family – Learning to Love Growth


I love my family – 愛我的家庭

Last week my husband came home from work and said it’s time to learn Chinese! In two years we will be in China.

Immediately I thought he meant his work was sending him there to work. Which I loved the thought of. He quickly corrected me and said we are going for three weeks to hike the Great Wall and site see.

I am still supper excited about that too. I love all things Asian, the people, the food, the entertainment. My little sister shares this love with me so she came over for New Years and we were all in the car and my husband was telling my little sister about our plans and invited her to come along. I’m super stoked at this point because that is unlike my husband and my littlest sister at one point was not his favorite of my sisters. Recently that has changed as she is a little older now and less bratty.

She will just be graduating high school when we leave for China so it will be a great graduation present. We really want to go to Japan as well, but for now we have set our focus on China. We all downloaded some language application on our phone to start immersing ourselves in the language.

I went to my parents yesterday to which my sister and I exchanged greetings in Chinese. She then proceeded to bring out a three ring binder and showed me all the notes she has been taking on learning the language. I was telling my husband about this and he said this trip alone is worth it for how much effort she is putting into learning another language.

My family is not new to learning languages. I myself speak English, Spanish, German, and Latin. The sister under me speak French, the next in line speaks Spanish, and the youngest sings Korean, and has taken lessons for Spanish and French.

I feel like as long as I travel with my sisters we could get around in most countries.

So as a family we are preparing for China, Texting and talking in Chinese, Working out to prepare for the great wall trek, and researching as much as possible.

It is amazing how when one family member jumps on board the whole family is inspired to keep up. My family has always encouraged traveling to many countries. I am excited that this is apart of my life. As I am learning to love growth.

晚安和上帝保佑 – Good night and God Bless 

 Wǎn’ān hé shàngdì bǎoyòu




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