Pollution of the Heart – How to Breath

This morning was crazy but it was a fantastic inspiration. Woke up to a text from my husband saying he couldn’t find his car keys so he took my car. This is fine normally because I am able to find his keys and get to work on time. This morning however, I knew that he had both sets of keys with him. So after texting him back to let him know he took both of our keys he argued with me and then finally went out to look in the car and called be back to let me know he was sorry he did have both sets.

So my mother came to the rescue and brought the keys back to my house for me. I was already an hour late for work at the time and I was driving into the office I looked up to see a brown cloud hanging over the city. I began thinking to myself I hate knowing that I am going to breath this dirty air in all day.

Then a thought popped into my mind. What does my heart look like? What kind of “pollution” have I been letting build up in my life without letting the wind come and clean away the muddled areas.

Recently I have not been sleeping well for many reasons. Lack of health, thoughts that won’t quiet down, too much tv or reading right before I try and sleep. It has been a month since I meditated last. It has been a month since I last read something beneficial to my Spirit. It has been a month since I planned out meals focused on what my body needs.

One month is too long to go without being mindful of the conditions I let myself get in. I found myself thinking yesterday… Wow this person is judging me a lot with their words, but every single one of my thoughts about them recently has been judgmental. What happened that I let myself get to this place where my heart is so muddled? It’s hard to breath, and I don’t know what direction my heart is taking me in. Letting myself become stagnant.

So today I am praying for the winds and the rain. Sometimes we just need those chaotic moments in our lives to stir us up, and other times we need those moments of silence for the outlook to become clear so we can see what the next step should be in our hearts.

Steps to clean the pollution from your heart…

  • Wake up early
  • Focus on your needs
  • Pay attention to your health
  • Eat clean and healthy (I personally eat small meals every two hours to regulate my blood sugar- starting again today.)
  • Take a walk at least once a day
  • Meditate – Take some time that you set aside where no one will interupt you. Write a list of all the things you need to accomplish that day and then set it aside so you don’t interrupt yourself with todo worries. And then mediate, if you are religious meditate spiritually on your beliefs and reflect on your heart. If you are not religious try asking God to show up. You never know unless you try 😉
  • Breath – Take some time out of the day to actively focus on breathing. Good, deep relaxing breaths. The stress of the day will melt away.
  • Get rest – Make sure you get enough sleep

I know these are simple things we all know to do; however, I know I personally do not do this everyday so this is a written reminder to myself and anyone who needs it.

Clean your heart so you are not confused and worried about what tomorrow will bring. Be joyful in all that you do, so your life will be filled with no regrets. ~ Kathryn Vaughn


Featured image thanks to MattPaceWeather 


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