Breaking The Stereotype Challenge

Thebeatwithkey Presents – Breaking The Stereotype Challenge

The Amazing THEBEATWITHKEY has created a new challenge for the blogging community. I am honored to take a part in this. The goal of this challenge is to change the world by breaking all stereotypes. Just one person alone cannot do this because unfortunately, there are a countless amount. There are racial stereotypes, beauty stereotypes, body stereotypes, mental health stereotypes and many more. Since it would be really hard for one blogger to tackle all of them by their self, lets decide to make it a challenge. Team up with other bloggers to break these stereotypes. Link to the site that challenges you and challenge five new bloggers to join in. When responding to this challenge the rules are simple. Non- WordPress bloggers can also get in on this. The rules will be at the bottom.

Rule # 1-

Follow my blog

Rule # 2-

Link this post in your response

Rule # 3-

Write about a stereotype and how we can change it

Rule # 4-

Challenge 5 other bloggers

Rule # 5-

Always honor the creator of this challenge THEBEATWITHKEY

My Response:

People Struggling With Depression Are Introverts

Many people have the misconception that only introverts suffer with depression. It may be true that when a person is going through depression that they begin to isolate themselves. However, many people you see everyday as you work in an office, or you see at the store, or are in a leadership role of some kind weather it be for work, fun, or religion. All suffer at one point in time with the struggles of letting depression take over their mindset.

It was those times that I was surround by people the most that I felt the loneliest in the middles of the throws of depression. ~ Kathryn Vaughn

Depression is no respecter of persons. You can be the most loved and surrounded person on the planet and still be hiding behind the mask of smiles and laughter. While on the inside quietly crying out in emotional pain.

So the next time you see someone. Say hello, give them a hug, reply to their text. You never know who just needs that one person to make contact to bring them out of isolation and into hope. It’s not just the friends you don’t see, it’s the people you see every day.

The 5 bloggers that I nominate is

A Fractured Faith

Mummy Thomas’ Blog

Sweet Summer Online

How I Lost My Chains

Young Meets Free

Non-Wordpress Blogger Rules

Rule #1-

Email subscribe to my blog

Rule #2-

Follow my Instagram or Twitter

Rule # 3-

Nominate 3 others to join the challenge



I look forward to seeing your responses

Let’s make a difference!


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