The Queen of Sushi!!!!

This post this morning is just a little fun bit because I am super excited.

SO…. I am currently at my office job because the restaurant I loved and worked at closed as the owner moved to a new city to be closer to his family. Over an hour away.

Shhhh**** It’s a Secrete*****

He is re-opening the restaurant in the new city. I am excited to announce I can finally quite this job and go back to work for him. For those of you who know one of my goals this year was to leave this job for a new career. I was honestly happiest so far in life when working at the restaurant. I got to interact with people every day, make something that brought joy to peoples hearts and stomachs, and the pay didn’t matter I was always taken care of by the owner and the customers.

I love the environment of multitasking , Cooking food, talking with customers, cleaning, preparing, building relationships. This is my area to grow, always learning new things every day about someone else, myself, or food. It’s a beautiful artistic world that has always drawn me in.



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