Staying Alive – We Always Have A Purpose

So I skipped out on work today…. You know that moment when you are coming to the end of something so you just dread being there longer than you have to? That is how I felt today. On top of that, I am working as an accountant as it is tax season here. Another job I am great at however, I am just so tired of office work. So yesterday I worked 8am-9pm on the computer all day with no breaks and by 9pm my back was letting me know… Hello I am still here and I quit! So all together today my whole body is telling me to rest. I woke up started getting ready for work, was in the middle of brushing my teeth and all the sudden the world went black as I began to descend to the ground. This is nothing new to me as I have passed out since I was 7 on a regular basis. However, it is never a feeling you get used to. So I made it to the bed before loosing conscience and text my boss that I was too dizzy to drive into work today. Then I made my husband take me to eat breakfast somewhere to help my blood sugar stabilize. I am feeling better now but it always takes a lot of my energy going through this process…

I played a little WoW and then sat down at my computer to research some lighting for upcoming filming at the end of the month for the YouTube channel (Stay Tuned). As I was sitting here I began to think about what to share today. I picked up my Japaneses umbrella and twirled it on my shoulder and began to look around.

We have two indoor plants hanging around our fireplace that I am never able to keep alive. My mother replaced them not to long ago, and I have been so busy that they never get watered. So of course like anything, without the proper nutrition they died. I was thinking it is time to throw them away again, I wonder if I should replace them or just hang empty pots?

Is death worthless? Once something dies should we just throw it away without another thought? Death is something at the front of my families mind at the moment as my Grandfather is on the edge of leaving this world. My husband has asked me continually each day how I am doing. He is extremely worried for me. The truth is I have a very unique view on death and life and my husband doesn’t fully understand it. I worry for him because I know this situation is bringing up memories of when his grandmother passed away as it was very traumatic.

Anyways back to the topic.

What to do with these empty pots that have suffered a loss? I will plant herbs, because even in death they still have a purpose. It is a plant that thrives when alive and still has many uses once it’s cycle has ended and it is dried out. I can then use them in making some pasta, or tomato sauce, bread, etc.

So how do I view life? I know there are areas in my life that I have not paid enough attention to, that I haven’t given water to, areas that have dried out and no matter how much I water them they cannot be rived. To those things I am going to take a second look before just throwing them out. They still have a purpose, they can be something to look back on, something that gives me wisdom in future situations, something that can be used to provide growth to another area in my life.

This especially applies to relationships. When you leave one relationship you don’t just forget everything about that person. You don’t throw away your memories. You learn what you liked what you didn’t like and what you want next. In turn it helps to mature your next relationship into a more beneficial, loving, and fruitful journey.

Take those old, dried, worn out area’s and replant them as you begin to

Come Alive


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