Scream, Shout, Let It All Out – The Slide

Some days your just need an epic song to express how you feel on the inside. As I sit at work today my mind seems a little blank. There is soft music on in the back ground but my heart is ready to break.

My mind is empty, I want to be upset, or hurt, or sad but it is just solemnly staring out the window. While my heart is trying to tell me just SCREAM! SHOUT! CRY! And Let it all out.

I have so many things on my mind that I want to talk about with someone but the more I try and decide who to talk with the more I realize I have isolated myself these past three months. I am always afraid that sharing my heart will bring pain to those closest to me so I bottle up all the fear, all the worries, all the pain, and the frustration.

My brain knows the answer is to open my mouth and talk with people but my heart whispers that freedom will not come and that hope has no name.

This post is a little down in the dumps compared to usual but I am being raw here.  This is where my heart is at. I know there are others out there who go through the same moments in time where everything seems so dim. I can see the life, the hope, the light at the end of the tunnel.

But How do we reach the end of the tunnel? 

I have tried my hardest, I have crawled, I have ran, I have tried to fly. I have wished that someone would through me a rope… But then I come to this place where I just want to give up and in that moment my struggles turn around and I can freely slide to the end.

Life isn’t always easy, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. But it is always filled with new experiences, new joys, and new life. I am ready and waiting for the new things this year.



4 thoughts on “Scream, Shout, Let It All Out – The Slide

  1. Hello Depression, it really seems it’s hard to talk from your perspective. Feeling love is the cure for depression. One day I knew a girl called Sarah who could never reach the goal of love in her life. She were always trying to face the feeling reality with puppets and teddy bears. Being lonely in the desolation of her room, nothing you can but watching love from the others. Here is my lovely berry, as Sarah deserves. Please do not forget to visit me at it’s always good to surf around ❤

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  2. Great post dear ☺️☺️ Yes life is definitely not always sunshine and rainbows but you are right, it really is always filled with new experiences and joys. Sometimes they just appear out of nowhere, and sometimes you have to find them. Music always makes me feel happy x x

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