Pressure – Whirlwinds of Productivity

Piles of laundry line the walls of my bedroom, just like the piles of paperwork are beginning to fill up my work desk. The phone is ringing off the hook with upset subcontractor wanting to know when they are getting paid. My cell phone is blowing up with text messages because the BBB made a mistake and now someone has filed a legal complaint. Two to three meetings I need to prepare to lead, a website to build, and programming to complete before the new businesses grand opening…. It goes on.

The photo today makes me laugh because sometimes we think if we just hid somewhere cool and quite everything will be ok. But in reality when we do that we end up like this glass Coca-Cola bottle I put in the freezer and forgot about. Where we completely shatter, or we slowly bubble over…

The pressure will find a way to pop your top. 

So what can we do with all this pressure that builds up daily due to family, friends, work, life? We can either let that build up and explode or we can choose to slowly let it out. Like when you have a twist cap soda that was shaken a bit to much but you really want what is inside so you do small burst of loosening the cap and tightening it until the fiz settles down enough to full uncap your drink.

In life I think that is like talking with your friends when something is really building up so you don’t loose it while at work when you boss makes a stupid decision.

Some people turn to unhealthy means of relief. Drugs, alcohol, addiction of any kind, self-harm, isolation (the one I choose often).

Other turn to things like: talking, dancing, music, working out, friends and family.

I think most people, myself included, choose both options… Some unhealthy stress relief as well as good alternatives.

What is Important to you?

When pressure comes it is fight or flight.. I remind myself to breath. So many times I begin to put off any and all responsibilities I have which only starts this whirlwind of anxiety and I am not completed the things I have set out for myself to do. I have to make the choice to respond differently. So when productivity hits me I run towards it. It is such a relief of pressure when something is taken off of my list because I accomplished the task before me. So what is important to me? all the phone calls, the emails, the texts, the business of the day?

Me…. I am important. My health, my mental clarity, my joy….

You… you are important to me, your joy, your health, your happiness.

Work—– at times but not to the extent where it gets in the way of life.


So today as I think about all the things that have to be done or need to be done I have peace knowing that I feel productive today and I am excited to see how far this journey will go. I choose to jump into the whirlwind and see where I will land. 

Have fun shake up your life and pop that top before it pops for you




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