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Where WordPress bloggers support each other with feedback and advice.

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64 thoughts on “Community Pool Sharing

  1. Hi Everyone!!
    So glad to be aware of this amazing community!
    Newbie here, I posted before but I think my comments got lost in the sauce.

    Would love feedback and advice about my blogs and overall set-up and look of my page…
    Thanks guys!!

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  2. Hi everyone,

    we recently started a travel blog and would love some feedback in general. More specifically, we just launched our first ever vlog, and would really like some feedback on that. It’s our first time doing video editing/vlogging. We’d love to know if it’s actually interesting for anyone else. Or any tips from those with more experience.

    Thanks in advance! And we’d be happy to return the favour!

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  3. Hello everyone! I am a first time blogger and I am very nervous not going to lie.. I have no idea if the content I’m writing is even good? Can anybody please go to my site really quick and read one of my 1st blog posts I’ve done? I would love to hear feedback about how I am doing. Just a starter 🙂
    Thank you so much guys!!!

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  4. Hey everyone, my name is Kylie. I love inspiring people and leading them closer to God. I enjoy writing and I am also publishing my very own book. Please take the time to check out my blog, thank you so much💕

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    • Love this post! I am married but totally agree coffee dates should be what you said a way to get to know people and network. I have experienced both of these situations. Some are only interested in relationships but some people get that there is more to a coffee date than romantics.

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