It’s A Whole New World – Freedom vs. Chaos

As the song from Aladdin dances through my head, “It’s a whole new world” I begin to think about the weeks to come.

It’s official! I quit my job yesterday… well, I put in my two weeks notice just to realize I want to quit in one week not two, Oops.

I am so excited about this next step in my life and at the same time super nervous. I am typically one seeking out change in my life. My husband hates changes, which makes this week all the more chaotic. Not only have I quit my job but my husband may also be leaving his company at the same time which really brings doubt to his mind. It will be a great move he will make more money and not be treated like trash. But that simple act of change terrifies him.

Not knowing what to expect, meeting new people, and all the things that come with change are freedom to me. I thrive on it, surprisingly for how much of a introvert I can be, I love being around people. It brings freedom to my soul to know that I can talk with and interact with others that will bring joy and fulfillment to my life. When I wake up to experience something new everyday that is unexpected it’s like I am a baby bird flying from a nest for the first time everyday to great the morning with a Giant

“Hello World”

What new experience have you encountered recently? Did it bring you freedom or chaos? Share it in the commented I would love to learn more about everyone in this amazing community.



9 thoughts on “It’s A Whole New World – Freedom vs. Chaos

  1. After some major coaxing, my niece convinced me to try driving – even though it was one of the most scariest things I every tried. I learned first – now I just need to decide whether or not to get my license. So, I guess, it was a mixture of freedom and chaos. 😏

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  2. Change is never pleasant initially but unfortunately, for growth, it is necessary.
    I think that you both now that the decisions are made, will enjoy the challenges and the benefits that come with it.
    I was in the same position.
    I am so much happier now.
    Kind regards,
    Sunshiny South Africa

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  3. Funnily enough I went through some changes of mine own around the time that you did. It was others that were skeptical about my change. I was not. I was realistic, but hopeful. They thought it was the worst. It was because of their selfishness. Because of how MY change would affect THEM. I live for myself. Not them.
    Change can definitely be scary, because you don’t know what you don’t know. But then, you will never get to know, unless you give it a try. Totally freeing once you do.
    I hope your changes went smoothly.

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